The Digital Social Media Masterclass - Click below for details 
The Digital Social Media Masterclass - Click below for details 
The Digital Social Media Masterclass - Click below for details 


Evidence-based marketing is a type of marketing where a company makes use of statistics, research trends, industry practices and customer interviews to prove that a product or service works. 
It is all too easy to base marketing strategies on hope, fear, what has worked in the past and what others are doing, but the best marketers will hinge their decisions on the facts. 
Like bloodletting, there are lots of ideas that we now no longer believe – the divine right of kings, the earth is flat, the sun goes around the earth, capital punishment and primogeniture, to name but a few. Evidence-based thinking is the basis of the scientific method that demolished all these ideas. 
Marketing Research and Evidence

Evidence from Ashley Riley Communications.  We work closely with our clients to ensure we gather and use the most appropiate and evidence based research available.  The Mini MBA in Marketing.  Ashley is an alumni of the Mini MBA in Marketing. At an MBA level, this CPD accredited course gives alumni the tools and expertise from world class learning.  Over 90% of the alumni complete the course feeling more inspired, confident and effective as a result of taking the Mini MBA in Marketing.  Mark Ritson has a PhD in Marketing from Lancaster University and has been a marketing professor at London Business School, Melbourne Business School, MIT Sloan (visiting), and the University of Minnesota.   His MBA teaching has been recognised with teaching awards at LBS, MIT and MBS and he is widely acknowledged as one of the World’s leading marketing educators.  Find out more about the Mini MBA in Marketing and the content that Ashley Riley Communications now uses for its clients by clicking here.   

Focus Group. 
A focus group is a research method that brings together a small group of people to answer questions in a moderated setting. The group is chosen due to predefined demographic traits, and the questions are designed to shed light on a topic of business interest. 
Focus groups are a type of qualitative research. They focus on listening to the customer - not the business. 
Observations of the group’s dynamic, their answers to focus group questions, and even their body language can guide future research on consumer decisions, products and services, or controversial topics. 
Ashley Riley Communications has delivered Focus Group projects for business across the UK in the finance, pension, insurance and leisure industry. 
Telephone Research. 
Ashley Riley Communications has extensive experience of conducting telephone research across a number of sectors amongst consumer and business to business audiences across the UK. 
Telephone research is a widely used methodology and forms part of many market research projects. The comparatively low cost and relatively high response rate (when contrasted with postal self-completion for instance) makes telephone interviewing an efficient and cost effective methodology. Ashley Riley Communications has conducted telephone interview research projects for business across the UK in the copyrighting, investments, insurance and leisure industry. 
Keeping our finger on the pulse. 
Ashley Riley Communications places research and evidence at the heart of everything it does. 
As a business we have strict discipline of ensuring we learn and share the very latest marketing and communications research and data that is available. 
Drawing on publications, teachings, experts and research we spend time absorbing this invaluable information so our clients don't have to and so we can use it for their benefit.  
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